Rose Tree Soccer Club will be offering our Intramural Program for boys and girls to play soccer at a competitive level in the Media area each Saturday in the Fall.

Check back in June for more info about our Fall 2021 Youth Intramural Program.

RTSC Intramural Covid Protocols

Dear RTSC Intramural Parent,

Our RTSC fall intramural program will have a slightly different feel to it this year due to COVID-19 safety precautions. Please explain to your athlete that following the safety and health guidelines are mandatory.

Health Considerations
1. You must keep your athlete(s) home if they are not feeling well, displaying signs of COVID-19, has been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 or has a fever greater than 100.4.
2. We would appreciate being notified if your athlete or anyone in your immediate family tests positive for COVID-19 so we can initiate our contact tracing protocols, if the situation warrants.
3. Please expect to answer questions about your athlete’s and family’s health once you arrive in your designated team area (see foot traffic requirements).
4. Any athlete that becomes sick or displays symptoms of COVID-19 will be immediately separated from other athletes and that athlete’s parent/guardian will be asked to take the athlete and leave the premises promptly.
5. Any coach or referee that becomes sick or displays symptoms of COVID-19 will be immediately separated from the athletes and will leave the premises promptly.
6. After notifying RTSC, no athlete, coach, or referee will be permitted to return to intramurals after displaying signs of COVID-19 at any time (at home, away from home, or on the field) unless a negative test result is submitted to RTSC. Regardless of testing, the athlete, coach, or referee will be required to miss at least one week of intramurals.
7. We encourage your assistance with our contact tracing protocols if we need to initiate them.

Mask Usage
1. Athletes are requested to wear masks while entering and exiting the fields from the parking areas.
2. Parents/guardians are required to wear a mask at all times including in the parking areas and on the sidelines.
3. Athletes are not required to wear masks during on-field activities and games. Our staff, coaches, and referees will wear masks at all times. We are considering alternate means of stopping play instead of whistles.
4. If a parent does not comply with the mask requirements, the athlete of that parent will not be permitted to participate in that days’ game.

Foot Traffic Flow
1. Please follow the foot traffic patterns established to keep spectators and athletes walking in the same direction as they enter and exit the fields. There will be entrance and exit pathways established from the parking areas.
2. Teams will have pre-assigned designated meeting areas to reduce mingling among athletes and spectators. Please go straight to your team area from the parking areas.

1. Only one parent/guardian is permitted to stand on the sidelines each week. Please do not bring siblings to the field.
2. There will be no unsupervised use of the fields or goals before, during, or after each intramural session.
3. RTSC has cancelled or eliminated large non-essential activities or gatherings (e.g. soccer-a-thon, picture day, Philadelphia Union player visit, on-field merchandise sales, etc.).
4. Each athlete needs to bring plenty of water.
5. Each athlete needs to bring their own soccer ball with their name printed clearly on the ball with a permanent marker (i.e. Sharpie).
Our goal is to keep your athlete active, entertained, and safe during intramurals this fall.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]



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